Had a running analysis done tonight

Since I started running last May, I’ve never really known if I was doing it right. I guess I kind of just thought running was running, but lately I’ve been reading up a bit on technique and mechanics. So, I was pretty happy when a couple of weeks ago my wife signed us up for a running analysis at our local run shop. It was sponsored by the shop and run by a local physical therapy group. Our analyses were very similar which we thought was kind of funny.

Here’s the setup – hop on treadmill, walk briskly for 5 minutes, jog easily for 2 minutes, then jump to general running pace.
For general running pace I hit 6.2. Then the physical therapist takes footage from the side, front, and back and you review together. While reviewing he updates a sheet with details that he’s going to email to me.
So, like I said I never worked on or paid attention to mechanics or form. I found out I’ve got a decent amount to work on.

Here are my issues I need to work on:
– I’m too loud, my feet hit too hard
– I’m a heel striker, I land on my heel ahead of my body
– I’ve got some hip drop in my right hip
– My right shoulder kind of tweaks out a bit
– One good thing was I’m pretty neutral with no crossover – no pronation
(I’m waiting on the email with my full details, if I need to update once I receive I will in case I’m forgetting something)
I’ve got my work cut out trying to get my mechanics right and they recommended I take the changes slow, but I’m confident that if I can make some progress on these issues that it will result in conserving a decent amount of energy while I run and preventing some of the minor aches and pains I have after my runs.

PS they seriously stressed that I should be using a foam roller. We have one that my wife got for Xmas but I haven’t explored it yet and I’ve never used one before. I’m going to watch the DVD that came with and give it a shot. Here’s a link to an article I found that tells some of the benefits of using a foam roller:
US News: Foam roller benefits

Heading to the Y at 530 am tomorrow to get a run in on the treadmill. As much as I dislike treadmill runs, it’s far too cold here for me to be outside that early. Weather says it’s going to be 5 degrees at 530.


My running blog


Welcome to my running blog.  This is my first post and I figured I’d tell a bit about myself.  I’m 33 years old, I’m married to the best woman in the world, and live in Massachusetts.  I work at a financial firm doing some very boring stuff so I won’t put you to sleep going into details.  We have an 8 year old boxer named Murphy who is doing a great job of preparing us for kids.  The point of this blog is to chronicle my journey into distance running and hopefully interact with others that are beginning as well as experienced distance runners.  Hopefully you’ll find my struggles and achievements are something you’ve also felt.

I began running last May to get in shape and quickly became addicted.  My original two goals were to lose a few pounds and increase my cardio levels since I also play on two hockey teams. I had noticed I was getting winded far too easy to play well.  I quickly fell in love with running.  Not only was it great for my body, but also for my mind.  It reduced not only my blood pressure and cholesterol (to levels better than when I was 20 by the way), but also cleared my head.  Last summer, I quickly went from running a couple of miles a few times a week to running 45 miles a month and participating in every 5k I could find, with a few 10k’s and even the Falmouth Road Race at 7 miles.  I was putting in several three to five mile runs during the week and a long run on Saturdays – usually 7 miles or so.

I mentioned I was married right? So our wedding was in November – it was the best day of my life so far hands down.  Following the wedding I hit a wall with my running.  I think it was coming down from the high of our Hawaii honeymoon when we came home to the cold weather setting in, New England and all.  Either way, we can fast forward through to January, since I didn’t run or exercise since the wedding day, except for a 3 mile run in Maui on our honeymoon.  As the first of the new year came around I felt a renewed interest and need to run again.  Granted it was only a month and a half off, but man did it feel like starting out all over again.  Two miles was a chore instead of a warm-up.  Today is January 22 and I’m up 3.25 miles comfortably and about to begin upping the miles.

This all leads to the spark of me beginning this blog – I registered and got into the 2014 NYRR Brooklyn Half.  I’m very excited to be running my first half and kind of nervous at the same time.  It’s 5 miles longer than my longest run, and like I said before, I feel like I just started from scratch a couple weeks ago.  My hopes are that chronicling my journey to the half marathon and beyond will help me to track progress as well as the aforementioned goals of commiserating with you, celebrating with you, and possibily inspiring someone to get out and run.

I’m going to use this space to chronicle my training runs and share my thoughts and progress not only leading up to the half, but past that indefinitely.

My running journey


My running journey

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